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Prepare for the Colder Weather

Posted: 4/05/2020

As Winter approaches, we thought we'd remind you to prepare your car for the cooler weather.

Car Battery

Cold weather is hard on your car's battery. We often run our lights and heaters more and this can often lead to our batteries not getting a full charge, especially on shorter trips. Be sure to get your battery acid levels checked, and make sure your car's charging system is doing everything it was designed to do.


Whilst your car's coolant might not be overheating, it can definitely freeze and stop your car's cooling system doing what it was designed to do. Be sure to have your coolant levels checked to make sure you have enough antifreeze. Nothing like a good coolant flush and fill before Winter.


Stopping can be difficult on wet or cold icy road surfaces. Make sure your brake system including ABS and Traction Control features are working. Let us check your brake pads and discs to make sure they are serviceable.


Slick smooth tyres and icy road surfaces do not give much traction so make sure your tread levels are above the limits, and your tyres are wearing evenly. Drop in and we can check your tyres and tyre pressures.

Lights and Wipers

You will start using your lights and wipers more as we get frosts and icy morning starts. Make sure all your lights are in good working order and you have the right globes in place. Replace old wiper blades and top up your washer fluid bottle.

Engine Oil

Just like coolant, engine oil is affected by temperature and having old thicker oil could hinder your engine's performance and cause damage. Be sure you are running the right grade of engine oil and regularly change it.

Come in and see our team at Maitland or Port Stephens Toyota to book in for your Winter checkover or next service.

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This is a general guide on winter servicing. Please consult with our service team to specific needs for your vehicle coming into the colder weather.

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