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Toyota cars that only emit water vapour | Is fuel cell technology the future?

Posted: 22/05/2020
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A $300 million commitment to invest in hydrogen energy products by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation has been welcomed by Toyota Australia.

Matt MacLeod from Toyota Australia has said that Toyota was committed to helping develop and promote the hydrogen economy with its own significant investments including a $7.4 million hydrogen centre in Melbourne. This centre is supported by $3.1 million in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

"An education centre at the site, which has just been completed, will provide information that demonstrates the opportunity for hydrogen to meet the energy needs of our society in the not-too-distant future." Mr MacLeod said.

Toyota Australia has the capability to launch a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Australia such as the Toyota Mirai, a fuel-cell electric car that emits only water vapour.

Of course, without the infrastructure to support the technology, it would be pointless.

Hydrogen can be found in water, plants and manure, is lighter than air and incredibly pure. When used in cars like the Mirai, it is highly efficient and leaves no carbon emissions.

There are different ways of separating Hydrogen for use including steam reforming, gasification and electrolysis.

Throughout history, fuel cell technology has been used as a proved source of energy including generators, spacecrafts, forklifts, and submarines.

Environment conscious car buyers are demanding cleaner, newer technologies, which can be seen by the increased sales of our growing Toyota Hybrid range.

Could we see more fuel cell technology vehicles and technology in Australia?

For now, discover the Toyota Hybrid range of vehicles at

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